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Upcoming FoodieStay tasting event

Upcoming FoodieStay tasting event

An exclusive taste of Austria

The 27th of March 2019, 19:00 hours

At ME Reina Victoria Hotel in Madrid (Spain) 

Don't miss the second FoodieStay event and the chance to hear from real experts about the Austrian gastronomy. We will also go up to the amazing roof to enjoy the views and taste the best specialty of Austria, the goulash. You can't miss it!



Rindgulasch (beef)

Kartoffelgulasch (potato)

Fisolengulasch (green beans)

Side dish Specknodel 

Apfelstrudel and Sachentorte for dessert


29€ price per person

19€ price per person for FoodieStay Club members. Sign up today, it's still free!

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