Best of Bern, Zurich and the Swiss gastronomy.

Switzerland. Zurich, Bern. 3 Days

Get to know main monuments and secret spots of Zurich and Bern cities, walk along the Zürichberg forest, delight yourself with original Swiss dishes and feel green eating in one of the best vegetarian restaurants of the world.

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Days 1 Bucolic nature at your feet

Discover the Zurich forest and enjoy traditional Swiss specialties sitting open air and enjoying the city views.

We meet in the most beautiful and traditional square of Zurich, Bellevue, in front of the lake and the opera. Our licensed city guide will tell us about the main monuments and buildings in the area of Bellevue, explaining also the history behind.

After some learnings and beautiful pictures you are ready to enjoy the wonderful nature around Zurich. You ride on a Swiss tram up to the norht of Zurich, entering the upper part of the city. It is time for an easy and totally enjoyable walk with views in the nearby mountain called "Zürichberg". 

After breathing fresh air and exercising your body, you get to a traditional Swiss hut where you can choose from the many Swiss specialties they have in their menu. Your body and your soul will thank you for this experience!

17:00 a 22:00
Days 2 Vibrant lunch between bears and beers

Enjoying a relaxed brunch next to the famous docile bears of Bern may help you feel your inner balance better. Let your foodie spirit be warmed by a ray of sunlight and have a great chat and a great view when eating outdoors. The atmosphere is all there for you, are you ready?

You ride in the first class of a Swiss train for an hour and reach the capital of Switzerland. A walk around the old city waiting for the cuckoo clocks make you feel like seeing more. Enjoy the fresh air walking to an abandoned train station that has become a restaurant and a brewery. From the terrace you can see the bears also enjoying nature. Just let yourself go with the vibrant feeling of the place and enjoy your lunch!


10:00 a 16:00
Days 3 The call of the green

When mother nature is calling, the only thing you can do is answer and treat her well.

In the first vegetarian restaurant in Switzerland, you will feel this connection and be treated like the king and queen that you are. Enjoy a vegetarian brunch in the middle of the city with a great variety of Swiss quality products, the best atmosphere in town and the healthier smoothies ever!.

Afterwards, we will walk through the city center, discovering beautiful and hidden spots, until we reach the tower of the observatory where we will enjoy a coffee or a drink with 180 degrees panoramic views of Zurich.

12:00 a 16:30
  • I loved it! Switzerland is like a fairy tale! Its landscapes, its mountains... And the food is really exquisite. Everything we were offered was of the highest quality.

    Margaret Thomson