Swiss Mountains as never seen before.

Switzerland. Zurich, Appenzell, Grindelwald. 4 Days

Stand out from the crowd seeing the Swiss mountains from an helicopter, discover secret spots of Zurich city, immerse yourself in cheese paradise and meet the Masters of Chocolate in Switzerland

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+ Flight + Hotel
Days 1 Do it yoursweet!

Make your own finger-lickin' chocolate and learn from the best chocolatiers in the world.

This is a two-hour workshop taught by a famous Swiss chocolate family. The room is well organized when you arrive and is really a paradise for chocolate lovers: there are pieces of different chocolates for you to taste for as long as you are there. At the end, you get the apron, the chocolate bar you create, a ceramic spoon and a diploma. Get ready to become a chocolate expert!

After this unforgettable experience, we will walk through the historical center, discovering romantic places and the first Roman settlement of the city, narrow streets with luxury shops and centennial churches. We will be ready for dinner in a century-old Swiss restaurant in the city centre. Dining here is like immersing yourself in the authentic and original Swiss culture. Always busy, extremely attentive and friendly staff, and the best Swiss quality in the ingredients used. Here you can taste specialities from different regions of the country, choose from a large number of beers and taste Rivella, the original Swiss drink not found anywhere else in the world.

10:00 a 12:00
Days 2 A cheesy feeling :)

Are you a cheese lover? Dive into the misteries of Swiss cheese creation, visiting even the sweet cows that live in the nearby Bio farm and tasting a typical Swiss dish called Chäshörnli.

Experience hands-on making cheese like it was done 400 years ago, manually, with sophisticated wooden tools. Hear the evolution of Swiss cheese creation process, and let yourself learn around the Swiss cheese museum. Visit also the cows where the Bio milk to make cheese comes from, an authentic experience where you are able to mix with the animals (if you wish so). Get into their day to day life and learn how a Bio process works and is implemented with the best Swiss quality. Learn where Bio cows have their own special realxing space to recover after they milk!

Ah! Don't forget that the cheese you made on this day will be sent to your house via post when fermentation process and quality control is over. 

09:00 a 16:30
Days 3 A bird's-taste-view!

An authentic journey to the Swiss mountains, visiting glaciers in a helicopter, Interlaken, and delighting yourself in one of the best Swiss restaurants

Enjoy an original breakfast while riding in first-class on a Swiss train on your way to the mountains. Relax enjoying the views from the train, conversing with your companions, or simply reading your favorite design magazine. You will get for sure the best picture of the landscape. The highest above the sea level, the smaller and more private the vehicle you ride into gets. High up finally waits for you a helicopter that will take your senses around a really breathtaking experience. Observe the Jungfraujoch, the Eigernordwand, the mountains as a whole. Touch the sky, stop the time, feel fortunate.

After this long day letting your appetite climb, it is time for a romantic dinner in Grindelwald. Taste and enjoy, it is your moment. Feel energized and go for a walk around the small village if you feel like. Tonight, you can spend the night in the magic Grindelwald if you wish, sleeping in a very romantic five stars hotel. Living down-to-earth is great, but sometimes we need perspective to appreciate our lives. A paradise in Swiss mountains is waiting for your savior Vivre, palate indulgence or eagerness to give you the best, you name it! in the booking process.

9:00 a 18:00
Days 4 The call of the green

When mother nature is calling, the only thing you can do is answer and treat her well.

In the first vegetarian restaurant in Switzerland, you will feel this connection and be treated like the king and queen that you are. Enjoy a vegetarian brunch in the middle of the city with a great variety of Swiss quality products, the best atmosphere in town and the healthier smoothies ever!.

Afterwards, we will walk through the city center, discovering beautiful and hidden spots, until we reach the tower of the observatory where we will enjoy a coffee or a drink with 180 degrees panoramic views of Zurich.

12:00 a 16:30
  • This was my best week ever so far! I experienced so much fun and meet interesting people, discovered new food and enjoy Swiss nature. I am sure my next trip will be with Foodiestay. Thanks to the wonderful team!

    Mateo Anaya
  • My husband and I enjoyed very much our visit to Switzerland, we totally recommend the mountains trip with the helicopter :).