Water and seaside pleasures day & night.

Morocco. Marrakech, Oualidia, Safi and Essaouira 7 Days

Start your culinary journey in Marrakech by watching Masterchef cook innovative dishes and embark on a relaxed journey along the coast, where you will make your own Tajine and watch the argan oil being extracted. Getting to know small towns on the coast and eating in special places has made this program one of the most desired.



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Days 1 Olives and spices everywhere

Jut out into an olive & spices market where flavours and aromas will please all of your senses at a time. After the stroll, trying moroccan lamb in a restaurant with rooftop will be great to take perspective and integrate all the intensity.

This experience takes place in Marrakech. Let yourself go and be taken to the main spices markets, hear the story behind them and the use in the art of Moroccan cooking. After one hour of wandering, listening, taking pictures and immersing yourself, let's go for a relaxed time. We go up to a wonderful views terrace where we will be served original moroccan food. We will try harira, a berber vegetable tagine and juicy salads. Moroccan teas, the views and a good selection of wines will make your day.

19:00 a 22:00
Days 2 You can be a Masterchef

If you need to master yourself, this is the moment to do it. You will learn from Masterchef Morocco, feeling her passion for moroccan food while cooking typical dishes. At the end, a great feast will be waiting for you.

Halima Mourid was the winner of the first ever Masterchef competition happening in Morocco. She classified by creating a Paella using couscous, we found that very creative! She has published five books, appears in a TV channel, and is adored by a large crowd of Moroccans who stop her in the street no matter where she goes. Being with her is like finding peace, seeing her cooking is definitely something special. She tells stories about culture, people, food, ingredients and origins of moroccan dishes. She opens her secrets about the best couscous for you to cook at home. Somehow she lets you come slowly into the mood of cooking moroccan yourself.

Firstly, you are welcomed by a typical herbal tea and moroccan pastries that she has previously baked for you. She explains the dishes she will cook, linking them to history, culture and people. Secrets are told and open for you to hear. She then starts cooking 2 dishes and a dessert. It is now when all your senses start working, the smell, the colors you perceive, the touch, the stories, the new tastes. You are enjoying and pleasing the most cooking desires of yours. I want to take all these ingredients home. Hey, food is now ready, shall we taste it?

10:00 a 13:00
Days 3 Exquisite oysters for exquisite taste buds

Tasting this delicacy in an oyster farm located by the seaside is a real travel for your senses. Enjoy the surf atmosphere and dare to take a bath, even in winter if your skin is ready for Atlantic Ocean strength.

Oualidia is the oysters capital of Morocco. It is famous for its crustaceans and also for the reserve sapphire lagoon that cultivates the oysters. This calm blue lagoon stays totally unaware of the enormous Atlantic pounding at the rocks behind. 

We drive to Oualidia, which is located 198 km (120 miles) away from Marrakech. There are 7 small oysters farming companies who daily care about the growing of this tasty gem. The minimum cultivation time is one and a half years and the maximum around four years. With the help of our moroccan ambassador we are allowed to enter the space of one of this cultivation areas, standing on a boat to reach the nets and hear about the caring needed over the years of cultivation.

After this short journey, you must try fresh oysters. We relax and enjoy the sun in front of the lagoon while tasting oysters and enjoying fresh fish and salads for lunch. Pure oysters with drops of lemon if you wish. So soft and slippery in your mouth that you will not want the plate to finish. Do not worry, you can eat as much oysters as you like. Enjoy the moment. The flavors are so authentic and pure that the taste will remain in your mind for the rest of your trip. 

09:00 a 17:00
Days 4 Relax day in Oualidia

Today is your free day to relax in the hotel or around the natural reserve lagoon located in front of your hotel, where for sure you can swim. Just enjoy your day.

09:00 a 21:00
Days 5 Precious land in your hands

Do you imagine cooking authentic moroccan recipes in a genuine tajin? The moment for you to get an authentic one painted by you is now. You just need to free your creativity and love for good food and the result will beautifully emerge in your hands.

This pottery workshop takes place in a little port city called Safi. It is a road trip which takes you to the heart of moroccan cooking practices and ancestry habits. The journey is very enjoyable as you go through villages, countryside, and you stop for a tea and several breads and sauces degustation.

The workshop has three parts: learning, doing, and acquiring. Firstly, you go around the rooms and open air spaces observing and listening to the process of creating authentic moroccan pottery. How it happens now, how it happened 100 years ago. You just feel like sitting there and touching the soft blend yourself. Well, that's actually part two. Let's sit down and let your imagination fly to design an authentic Tajine, your own Tajine. Hear advices for beautiful creations, relax your body and enjoy seeing what your hands have to offer after today's inspiration. The third part is, if possible, even better: you just need to walk around the shop-museum and select the crockery (set for two people) that you like the most, to take it home. Select one from the most beautiful ones, those created with gold. They will be packaged and protected for you to take in the plane at no risk. Today, you are the king or the queen of the land

After this inspiration you go to visit this port city and eat in a restaurant by the sea, where you keep thinking how your crockery will look like at home and who you will invite to use it first.


10:00 a 15:00
Days 6 Argan oil for your skin and soul

Deep into an argan-oil mill owned by a group of women who will gently show how this treasure of nature comes to life and offer you a sampling so that you can enjoy its benefits for body and soul. Eating fish in Essaouira and walking through its historical streets will be the golden brooch to feel a deeper connection with this wonderful land.

Essaouira is the relaxed alternative to being in active Marrakesh. The name in reality means "little village" and it is a paradise for painters as everything is blue and white and reminds you to the lovely streets of any cyclade greek island. It is 190 km (118 miles) away from Marrakech and the trip is very enjoyable as you go through villages, countryside, and we stop for a tea and several breads and sauces degustation.

From the moment you arrive you feel curious about what you see and you wonder what could you do with this precious oil. You can not find this oil anywhere else in the world, Argan oil is only produced in Morocco and exported internationally. Its curative and healthy properties converts it in one of the most valuable oils on earth.

We go in their space and see the manual extract of the oil. You can't stop thinking about the effort they make to extract just a drop. You are given samples to take away and you taste several hand-made pieces of bread with this oil.

This is one of our donation experiences. Humility defines these association of women who feel fortunate to just share the work they do. You will see this in the look of their eyes, in their smile when they let you come in. How can we be grateful to their kindness? On the way to Essaouira, you will be given an envelope with Dirhams. The quantity you find inside is what you paid when booking for this experience, deducting the expenses for transport, guide and food. You can now directly donate your money to them or decide to keep it.

After learning you go to visit the port, wander around the village and finally eating at the port in one of the most emblematic restaurants of this village.

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Days 7 Drive Back to Marrakech - End of the trip
09:00 a 11:30
  • An unforgetable foodie trip. My boyfriend and I boooked this experience and were really excited to try something different in Morocco. All exceeded our expectations!

    Ana Perez
  • Me encantó Marruecos, iba un poco insegura pero todo estaba bien organizado y en entornos relajados. La gente marroquí es muy amable, recomiendo este viaje.

    Angela Navarro