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The Foodiestay Club has been created by FOODIESTAY, S.L. in all the activities carried out by it, in particular through the website in which this information is included. For this reason, the provisions of this section of the Legal Conditions of the Food Club and the legal terms and conditions of the website will be applicable to all that is not provided for in this section of the Legal Conditions of the Food Club.



  1. Purpose of the Foodiestay Card

The purpose of the Foodiestay Club Card is to offer its holders certain advantages, discounts and gifts provided that the conditions are met which must be previously published in this section of the Foodiestay Club legal conditions.

Notwithstanding the fact that they may increase in the future to date today, cardholders will enjoy the following advantages:

1.1 Welcome Gift

1.2 Foodiestay's commitment to make double the contributions it makes in its solidarity actions in respect of each reservation made by the user

1.3 Advantages:

• 100€ discount every time you book at

For all your trips reduce your final price using your FoodieStay Club membership card. If you have two cards, you deduct the double. This offer is cumulative.

• A free massage or two hours of personal shopper, can you imagine?

Take advantage of your free time on your FoodieStay trips and redeem your massage voucher or personal shopper, which will take you to the local shops you want.

• 20€ discount on all FoodieStay tasting events

After seeing MasterChef India cooking the best curry korma, we will taste the Austrian gastronomy with its best goulash, we will have MasterChef Morocco to taste its best couscous. FoodieStay events take place on the last Thursday of each month in different cities. You can find all the details on our website.

• Double contribution to our Solidarity actions every time you book a trip

FoodieStay dedicates 5% of its income to various solidarity actions in the destinations it visits. Now, each time you book, we commit ourselves to double your income for our solidarity actions.


  1. Foodiestay Club Registration and Renewals

Membership of the Foodiestay Club is voluntary at all times for users of Foodiestay services, and is not necessary to purchase services offered on the Foodiestay website.

The FoodieStay Club card is made available to all customers in the form of an annual subscription. The user can register by filling in a registration form. The annual cost of this card is 50€.

• The first 150 subscribers:

The first 150 applications will get one year of free use. In order to keep it free, you will need to get three different people to join the FoodieStay Club by filling in the online form and entering the member's name as "Person Referring to Me". Our databases generate the alert of the user who has brought three or more references and extends the validity of the Club card for another year.

• Extension of gratuity

Twelve months after the subscription, the user will be asked if he or she wishes to renew the subscription if he or she has not referred anyone online. The user can refer three people at that time and extend their subscription one more year, cancel the subscription or proceed to the payment of 50€ corresponding to the annual registration fee.


  1. FoodieStay Club Card Cancellation

Cancellation of your Foodiestay Club membership card is possible at any time by sending an email with your name and surname to This cancellation will not have any cost for the user, although in case of having made the payment of the annual subscription in progress, the amount delivered for this purpose will not be returned, and the expiration of the agreement will be extended until twelve months from the date of registration or renewal, proceeding to the total cancellation of the card after that time.


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