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Morocco - 6 Days
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Relax in a hammam, degustate and cook healthy moroccan bread in the old way, visit an organic garden and enjoy good quality food in unforgettable surroundings.


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Days 1 Oh sacred water and loving hands!

Sometimes, the best beauty treatments just require a welcoming atmosphere and good hands. Let us take care of you in a hammam: set wash over you with black moroccan soap, wash your hair and gift you with an Alhambra Ceremonial (including a pleasant massage).

This experience takes place in Marrakech. At the Hammam you are able to choose among the many different treatments for your skin. You have 2 hours of relaxation in front of you, let yourself advice by the experts to select the combination of treats that better suit you for your mood today.

Now that you are becoming more Moroccan in your mood and style, let's go for some fine dining to the chic quartier of Marrakech. The story of the restaurant you are going is quite unique as it is run entirely by women. You find a cozy and warm atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Despite this details the reason why you are here is to try amazing traditional Moroccan dishes. We start our Moroccan flavors trip by trying out the kitchen from Fez. You will be surprised of the authentic Moroccan cuisine with an original menu. Taste as much as you can, it is your treat night!

Days 2 You can be a Masterchef

If you need to master yourself, this is the moment to do it. You will learn from Masterchef Morocco, feeling her passion for moroccan food while cooking typical dishes. At the end, a great feast will be waiting for you.

Halima Mourid was the winner of the first ever Masterchef competition happening in Morocco. She classified by creating a Paella using couscous, we found that very creative! She has published five books, appears in a TV channel, and is adored by a large crowd of Moroccans who stop her in the street no matter where she goes. Being with her is like finding peace, seeing her cooking is definitely something special. She tells stories about culture, people, food, ingredients and origins of moroccan dishes. She opens her secrets about the best couscous for you to cook at home. 

Days 3 Essaouira: Argan oil for your skin and soul

Deep into an argan-oil mill owned by a group of women who will gently show how this treasure of nature comes to life and offer you a sampling so that you can enjoy its benefits for body and soul. Eating fish in Essaouira and walking through its historical streets will be the golden brooch to feel a deeper connection with this wonderful land.

Essaouira is the relaxed alternative to being in active Marrakesh. The name in reality means "little village" and it is a paradise for painters as everything is blue and white and reminds you to the lovely streets of any cyclade greek island. It is 190 km (118 miles) away from Marrakech and the trip is very enjoyable as you go through villages, countryside, and we stop for a tea and several breads and sauces degustation.

Afterwards we go to visit the port, wander around the village and finally eating at the port in one of the most emblematic restaurants of this village.

Days 4 Relax day in Oualidia

Today is your free day to relax in the hotel or around the natural reserve lagoon located in front of your hotel, where for sure you can swim. Just enjoy your day.

Days 5 Safi village: Precious land in your hands

Do you imagine cooking authentic moroccan recipes in a genuine tajin? The moment for you to get an authentic one painted by you is now. You just need to free your creativity and love for good food and the result will beautifully emerge in your hands.

This pottery workshop takes place in a little port city called Safi. It is a road trip which takes you to the heart of moroccan cooking practices and ancestry habits. The journey is very enjoyable as you go through villages, countryside, and you stop for a tea and several breads and sauces degustation.

After this inspiration we visit Safi's port city and eat in a restaurant by the sea, where you keep thinking how your crockery will look like at home and who you will invite to use it first.


Days 6 Drive Back to Marrakech - End of the trip
Solidarity Causes supported when booking this experience
AMAL Non-Profit Association

Amal's ultimate goal is personal transformation and the development of job and life skills for trainees to achieve economic and social stability. This solidarity program offers the trainees a platform where they can enhance their capacities and learn new skills. Amal takes care of each trainee's living expenses during the whole period of the training, provided that the trainee respects the regulations and discipline of Amal.

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