about FoodieStay

What is FoodieStay?

FoodieStay is a technological platform with the aim of connecting gastronomic professionals with users who want to live special experiences related to restoration.

What is your objective?

The main objective of FoodieStay is to put technology at the service of gastronomy. To make known the culinary tradition of each town, city or village in Spain. To offer unique experiences to Foodies looking for something special and personalized.

What are your values?

At FoodieStay we are driven by: a passion for gastronomy, admiration for our chefs who are a world reference, respect for local and seasonal produce, honesty when offering unique experiences, a desire to make known, to disseminate and to show the diversity of Spanish gastronomy and our customs. In a day to day marked by haste and stress, we are committed to slow food, to the philosophy of stopping, enjoying and sharing around a table.

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How does FoodieStay work?

Through the platform, gastronomic professionals (restaurants, chefs, sommerilers, event managers, dimanizers, local events) can publish their services and experiences free of charge by completing a simple form. FoodieStay customers will book these experiences on the platform to enjoy them later at the host's premises, the event or even at home on the day and time indicated.

How can I contact you?

If you have any questions or need to tell us something you can do so:

Send us an e-mail to hello@foodiestay.com

By calling us or sending us a whatsapp at +34 655 535 155

Send us a message through the form in the Contact section.

In how many languages is it available?

The contents of FoodieStay are available in: Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Duch and Russian.

What does FoodieStay offer me?

At FoodieStay you will find gastronomic experiences (menus in restaurants, events, activities, escapes) adapted to your preferences. We use machine learning technologies to learn from your tastes and interests so if you choose to log in to the platform we will adapt the contents and experiences to your tastes. We will offer you only what you like best.

In the Foodies Experiences section there is a search engine with which you can find a wide variety of experiences to inspire you, select the one you most like and make your online reservation.


Can I enjoy a private event?

All FoodieStay activities can be contracted out publicly or privately.

Public activity: activity open to all users Each foodie will sign up for the activity until the maximum number of attendees is reached. The number of people will never exceed the maximum allowed to carry out the experience satisfactorily.

Private activity: an experience can be private when it is reserved exclusively for a group. Only users who receive an invitation to participate in the activity will be able to attend.


Can I cancel a booked experience?

The requirement for a private experience is to book more than the minimum number of people.

You can then decide whether to pay the full amount for the activity for the whole group or whether each participant pays his or her own share.

Private experiences can be shared with all participants through the tool of your choice: Facebook, email, sms or WhatsApp.

If the payment for the event is made individually, each participant can pay for their part of the event on the platform.

Can I cancel if I booked without registering?

Once you have chosen the desired experience, you only have to select the date you want to enjoy it, the time and the number of attendees.

Once these data are completed, finish the payment process.

How can I know the cancellation policy of an experience?

To book an experience you do not need to be registered. You just have to fill in the reservation form and get ready to enjoy it.

At FoodieStay we give you the option to register in order to provide you with personalized information. In this gastronomic world where there is information and the user gets lost to select information that really interests him, we bet on personalized experiences to adapt the contents to what you really like.